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Universal Car Dashboard Phone Sticky Mats

Universal Car Dashboard Phone Sticky Mats

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About this item

  • Worry Free: The interior PU magic car pad use of silicone material, easy to clean, can also be used repeatedly, and wear-resistant not easy to damage, you can also adjust the product according to the surface used.
  • Special Design: The anti-skid pad is designed with small raised points on one side, which can increase the indicated friction and further prevent the items placed on it from falling.
  • Perfect: can be placed on any car dashboard. The black appearance can better integrate with the black shell, and it will not make people feel obtrusive.
  • Versatile: The product is suitable for any smooth surface, or a flat surface with a relatively uniform convexity. When used on these surfaces, the product has a good grip.
  • Not only suitable for mobile phones, but also for placing small objects in the car, or storing objects with smooth surfaces on a vertical plane.
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